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In – line hokej

In recent years, an alternative form known as In-line hokej”.

In this field of sport, teams are made up of five players (including the goalkeeper).

The players move around the pitch (special dry artificial surface, concrete, asphalt) on rollers.

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fot. In-line hokej – Kruki Zielona Góra

It is generally a faster game with 4 players and a goalkeeper.

Player substitutions on the field are made just like in ice hockey.

They use: polycarbonate sticks and a ball or a special puck.

The game consists in: placing the puck in the opponent’s goal with a stick in your hands.

The object of the game is: to win the match by scoring more goals than your opponent.

There are basic rules of the game:

– Each team consists of a goalkeeper and FOUR players on the field, no more than 5 players on the field.

– The playing field is divided by a red line into two zones: offensive and defensive.

– A goal with dimensions of 183 × 122 cm.

– The rectangular goal area 30 cm to the right and left of each edge of the goal and 1 meter from the goal.

– If two players are simultaneously excluded from one team, the second suspension is postponed because the weakened team cannot play if there has been a double weakening.

An offside position is called when a player enters his opponent’s defending zone before his team has pucked the puck, and play may continue if the player with the puck passes the red line.