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FOOTBALL bands system – modular football fields

Two lines of FOOTBALL33 products and the newest FOOTBALL50 SHARK model are dedicated to football.

FOOTBALL33 – model inspired by the floorball rink – made in the shape of the letter L. The base provides a counterweight to the rink. However, this product cannot be used on uneven surfaces and on artificial/syntehtic grass.

FOOTBALL50 SHARK – a band with a height of 50 cm, allowing for quick pitching of the pitch for football training. It is characterized by low weight and high durability. Counterweight hidden in a shark fin. Can be used in a sports hall, artificial and natural surfaces. Additionally, it is possible to use the boards on sand or asphalt. Connecting modules stabilized at the top and bottom of the ridge. Additionally, the fastened elements are an 8mm thick expander.
The system is based on 4 types of elements:

  • basic module – straight with 2m lenghth,
  • straight correction module with a length of 1m,
  • corner with dimensions of 25cm x 25cm
  • universal connector for connecting the bands with any 25 cm long football training goal

FOOTBALL50 SHARK OUTDOOR ALL-SEASON a band with a height of 50 cm, allowing for quick pitching of the field for football training – it is a copy of the seasonal modules with red pipes. The all-season model is made of HDPE material – sheets and pipes with an additional aluminum reinforced structure. The bands can be used throughout the summer and winter seasons. It is characterized by high durability. A stabilizer has been designed for the system, enabling the structure to be strengthened against gusts of wind.

  • FOOTBALL50 SHARK  –  There are boards for every age group. Create your training at school, hall, beach or city to promote your sports club. You can freely change the configuration of the AZETX FOOTBALL50 SHARK rink in 10 minutes. Conduct training for the youngest for 2 or 4 goals. You can create various training plans with our board system.
    Compare the Football33 system with the innovative FOOTBALL 50 SHARK solution, which you can easily spread on any surface, you do not need to use additional loads to stabilize the structure, you can quickly connect the modules and create your own shape of the training field. Adjust the field to the age of your pupils.

    With our system, you will build training fields using 2m or 1m modules, corner elements – hot bent at right angles and universal connectors for any type of football goal.

  • FOOTBALL33  – Football bands system