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Boccia rink set


Boccia is a Paralympic sport that is particularly popular among people with physical disabilities. It is a game similar to boules in which players compete in throwing colorful balls towards a target.

Boccia requires precision, strategy and tactical skills.


The game is played on a specially prepared surface, usually on a flat surface. Players compete individually, in pairs or teams, trying to place their balls as close as possible to the target, which is a white ball called the “jack”. Unlike bocce, players can use their hands, feet or assistive tools to throw the ball, depending on their disability.

In Poland, there is the Polish Disabled Sports Association “Start”, which is responsible for organizing and promoting disabled sports, including boccia. This association cooperates with international sports organizations, such as BISFed (Boccia International Sports Federation), which supervises international boccia competitions.

Boccia is adapted to various degrees of physical disabilities, so people with different types and levels of disabilities can compete with each other on equal terms. This sport requires focus, precision and tactical thinking, which makes it an interesting and demanding sport.

A bocce court for disabled people was built in Przemyśl. The so-called boczodrom is located next to the Special Educational Center No. 1 and serves its pupils. It’s great that the involvement of people like Tomasz Bandrowicz and organizations such as UKS Gladiator contribute to the development of this sports discipline in Poland, especially in Przemyśl. The creation of an indoor bocce track, or “side track”, is a significant step towards enabling the local community, especially people with disabilities, to practice this interesting and demanding discipline.

Our Boccia rink set in dimensions: 18,29m x 3,66m


Basic rules of boccia

The aim of the game of boccia is to place your balls as close as possible to the target, which is a white ball called the “jack”. Players: The game can be played individually (one player against another), in pairs or teams.

Start of the game: The first player or team throws the jack onto the field. The same player or team then throws one of their balls towards the jack while standing in the field of play.

Throw Order: The player or team that places their ball closest to the jack is entitled to the next throw. If the opponent has the balls closer, they shoot. The game continues until all players have used their balls.

Ball Placement: The player or team having a shot must place one of their balls within 20 feet of the field of play (measured from the jack). Other players’ or teams’ balls may be used as covers or reference points.

Scoring: At the end of the round (that is, all the balls have been used), the player or team whose ball is closest to the jack receives as many points as their ball is closer than the opponent’s closest ball. You can score a maximum of 4 points in one round.

Rounds: The game is usually played for a fixed number of rounds, e.g. 4 or 6 rounds. The winner is the player or team with the most points after all rounds are completed.

Final Throws: Once all rounds have been completed, competitors will make final throws to determine who scored points for that round.
Obstacles: If an opponent’s ball is blocking access to the jack or other balls, players may attempt to move these balls to make their position easier.

Violations: There are certain rules regarding how balls are thrown, timing, moving a wheelchair (if used), and other aspects of the game. Breaking these rules may result in the loss of points or the round.

Boccia is a tactical game that requires precision and concentration. Depending on the level of disability, players may use various techniques and tools to throw balls.

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