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Hardcourt Bike Polo – cycling polo

In recent years, an alternative form of bike polo game known as “Hardcourt Bike Polo” has gained popularity.

In this variant, teams of three players compete on: tennis courts, street hockey pitches, other available surfaces. The AZETX manufacturer will provide you with a complete system of mobile bands for a bicycle polo. We will make any pattern and size depending on the users’ needs. We offer seasonal systems and all-year systems reinforced with an aluminum structure. The photo shows the seasonal system.

fot. BIKE POLO ZIELONAGÓRA “Boisko wielofunkcyjne w Przylepie”

Generally it’s a faster game with three players on the team, no changes, and with all the players on the field all the time.

A street hockey ball is used and matches are played until one team scores five points or time runs out, without playing chukkars.

During tournament play, a time limit such as 10 minutes can be used to maximize the number of tournament rounds possible per day.

IMG_1517 Średni

There are three basic rules of the game:

1. In the case of the foot down or reaching, i.e. the so-called touching the ground with his foot, then the player has to bounce – drive to the very center of the court and hit with a hammer in a specifically designated place.

2. To score a goal, the attacking player must hit the ball across the goal line with the narrow end of the mallet – this is called a SHOT or HIT. On the other hand, hitting the ball across the goal line with the wide end of the mallet is called a SHOT.

3. When one team scores a goal, the opposing team must retreat to its own half and wait for the opponent (player or ball, whichever occurs first) to pass the mid-court line before restarting play.