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Floorball is a sport discipline, which some time ago fascinated the company AZETX owned by Peter Czarczyński, the general representative of JII-TEE SPORTS OY from Finland, the creator and owner of Qmax brand - a leading manufacturer of floorball equipment. The founder and owner of JII-SPORT TEE in Finland is Jukka Tervo - a long-time leading striker in Finnish Floorball team. All years of training and floorball tournaments crowned the creation of JII-TEE Sport Hyllykallio and in March 2006 the official opening of Qmaxpolska that in April 2009 changed its name to AZETX.


In 2007, 4 dimensions of floorball goals were designed and developed. They are still produced in Poland. The two models - dimensions 115 x 160cm (collapsible and monolith) were approved by IFF in August 2006. The certificate was issued by the SP Institute in Boras. The initial idea of producing collapsible goals which facilitate storage, shipment and distribution in each country, is being continued by AZETX.


In 2009 a new model of goalkeeper clothing was developed. The jersey and shorts are sewn in Poland. In 2010 AZETX improved the goalkeeper jersey by introducing in one product a protective vest and a jersey, with a new design of the front, which is also being continued on a new goalkeeper helmet sold from June 2010. In January 2010 the company started developing the model of floorball rinks. In August 2010 the floorball rinks were approved by IFF.
We create with passion and care for satisfaction of every customer. The offer, we present is a culmination of our persistence in achieving the goal. Through all the years we have become a reliable producer, that can face all the requirements of the global market.

From 2010 onwards Azetx begins a promotional campaign in Europe. We are looking for partners worldwide, who together with us will create a distribution network of Azetx Qmax brand.
Everyone willing to foster the cooperation and begin distribution of sports equipment under the brand AZETX and Qmax, please contact us on our e-mail address office@azetx.eu


Year 2011 - 2012
In February, the company Azetx exhibited at the International Trade Fair in Munich ISPO Sports 2011. On our stand we hosted companies from around the world. The result obtained after the fair, it built a network of distributors in most of the countries in which Floorball arrived for good.
Implementation of the project "Passport to Export" co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund Azetx allows exposure to international sports fair ISPO in Munich in 2011 and 2012.


2013 - building export market - expansion into Asian markets, Australia and Oceania. Creation and stop industrial design application for the construction of racetracks to RC Racing. We have developed a mini-band and internal limiters that allow the rapid construction of the racetrack. Demonstrations of the new system took place in Poland and Germany, among others, the International Hobby and Toy Fair in Poznań. 


2014 - Offer the company expanded with new designs and projects goalkeeper jerseys and shorts. In March we introduced a new model of the floorball rink Azetx Extreme, which is characterized by an increased resistance to impact. The advantage of the model Extreme temperature resistance is negative, it allows the use of such bands in order to build an ice rink. In April 2014 we add to offer natural herbal preparations attached by Herbamedicus company straight from Switzerland, along with a series dedicated to the athletes From May 2014 we started azetx.pl with new store and the new B2B platform for domestic and foreign distributors.


2015 - In February, We have been exhibited at the fair ISPO in Munich. Our stand was very popular . As a result, we have established many new contacts and won new customers.
In March we started cooperation with the Swiss manufacturer of floorball sticks and sports equipment company LEXX . We are the exclusive distributor of the brand in Poland . Soon in our offer we will have a full range of LEXX products . The first product will be a LEXX ball IFF .